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It's hard to find a more captivating story than Around the World in 80 Days; especially if you are someone who loves to travel. This tale is so popular that it was taken from its original novel form and transformed into musicals and multiple movies. The idea of travelling all the way around the world in any kind of time limit seems rather impressive, but it is even more so when we realize that this story was told in the 1870s when travel was far more limited than it is today. Since the book has been released, multiple people have actually made the attempt in real life; with the record being 78 days!

Around the World in 80 Days Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Around the World in 80 Days Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Because this list literally features someone who travelled all the way around the world in 80 days, literally any breed type will fit in perfectly here! Whether you have a dog from China, Australia, or the United States, they can bear a name from Around the World in 80 Days. Coat color and personality can also vary greatly here, as many of the titles can be chosen based on individual interpretation. For instance, the name "October" is mentioned on the list as this is the month that Fogg departed London. This name could be interpreted by coat color (a lovely orange or brown to represent Autumn) or by personality type (a lively and crisp personality that may love to play in leaves). The same principle can be applied to names that represent some of the countries that Fogg visits, such as "India" or "Dublin" for example. In these cases, specific breeds may be best as the name directly relates to where that dog would originate from. Overall, if you are someone who loves travel and literature (or a good Jackie Chan film) then a name from this category is a must for your new furry friend. So dive in and find the perfect one to take for a trip with your pup. 

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