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Austin Moon is an outgoing, happy-go-lucky singer and musician; Ally Dawson is a talented singer who would much rather hide from the spotlight. Austin inadvertently takes a song of Ally's and makes it his own; in a deal to even things out, Austin and Ally work together to create more music. Eventually, the pair will not only write songs together, but they will begin performing together as well. As time goes on, the pair will find that they have fallen in love, and they will both make sacrifices in order to keep not only their careers moving forward but also their love alive.

Austin & Ally Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Austin & Ally Inspired Dog Name Considerations

While Austin and Ally are more focused on their careers and their personal relationship, the pair does have close friends in Dez and Trish. However, due to their busy lifestyles, they do not have a dog to call their own. Many fans began to notice a pup appearing in photos regularly. To be sure, this is not a pup that appears on the show. This sweet pup is Pixie, and she might not be a part of the cast, but she steals the spotlight wherever she goes. 

Pixie is a Cavapoo pup. (Cavapoos are a hybrid breed; they are a mix of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle (usually the miniature Poodle variety). Pixie actually belongs to dialogue coach on the set, L J. Pixie has appeared in many of the Austin and Ally live stream broadcasts, but she is not a member of the regular cast. However, most of the cast admit to a great affection for Pixie even if she is not a true member of the Austin and Ally family. Choosing to name your pup after Pixie could honor the show, as would choosing to tag your dog after a favorite character.

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