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How much do you know about Bahrain?  Are you aware that Bahrain is the third smallest nation in Asia?  Or, that Bahrain is an archipelago that is made up of about 33 islands?  Or, that they are famous for their pearl fisheries?  While this generally flat island has about 100 miles of coastline, it's 92% desert with dust storms as well as periods of drought, and may not seem like your dream vacation place; it does have some unique sights to see and food to eat. There is so much fodder available for the name of your new darling doggie.

Bahrain Dog Names in Pop Culture

Bahrain Dog Name Considerations

The small nation of Bahrain is made up of 33 islands, with coastlines along very shallow waters which heat up very quickly during the hotter months, increasing humidity as well.  Despite the desert-like and highly humid climate condition, it is home to about 330 species of birds, 18 species of mammals (like gazelles, desert rabbits, and hedgehogs), 25 species of amphibians and reptiles, not to mention 21 species of butterflies and about 307 species of flora.  Bahrain is also home to many museums and interesting places from which names can be gleaned, like Manama (the home of the Bahrain National Museum), or Shaikh (the Bait Shaikh Salman Historic Palace).  Or, you could get that lovely label from some of their foods, for example, Machboos (famous Bahrain dish consisting of meat or fish served with rice), or Muhammor (sweet rice served with dates or sugar), or Falafel (fried balls of chickpeas).  We’ve included these possibilities among those listed below to help trigger a flow of creative juices, enabling you to find that perfect prenomen for your precious puppy.

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