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Whether you’re talking about the films, original series, miniseries or the reboot, Battlestar Galactica as a franchise has positioned itself as one of the best in science fiction over the last few decades and beyond and it has the awards to prove it. Rife with creative, complex storylines and nearly endless amounts of social commentary, the show was able to explore human and non-human dynamics through a significant cast of varying characters who always seemed to have names as interesting as their personalities. Because of it, we’re left with a fantastic list of unique names, one you can use to help title and define your equally unique dog.

Battlestar Galactica Dog Names in Pop Culture

Battlestar Galactica Dog Name Considerations

Unless you see significant aesthetic qualities between, say, Colonel Saul Tigh, and your one-eyed French Bulldog, chances are you’ll have better luck starting with your dog’s personality and trying to find similarities with someone in the show. 

For instance, if they are brash, brave, and particularly stubborn, then Starbuck or Thrace would be perfect fits. If they are calm, collected, and calculated, then Roslin would be more suitable. For those that are intelligent but aloof and maybe somewhat mysterious, then Gauis, Baltar, Boomer, and Valeri would be good choices, the same way that Anders, Hardball, Seelix, and Racetrack would be great choices for those who love to race around. Skulls, Crashdown, and Jammer would also work, but can also work on several levels if they also have a big head, charge head first, tend to crash into things, or jam themselves into tight spaces, respectively. 

There’s no limit to how you choose to pair them up and we encourage you to be creative. If you’re having trouble, start by taking note of their most distinct tendencies and elements of their personality, then sitting down and watching a few episodes to see if any of those stand out in any of the characters. If all else fails, you can always just pick a favorite or one that sounds right, even if it doesn’t have a whole lot of depth, as you’ll still do your dog and the show justice by honoring them with ties to each other.

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