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How sweet and innocent is that beautiful baby with fur who is peacefully sleeping in your lap!  How cute it is to watch how the kids play with them, that tiny ball of fur with four little legs that continually gives all of those "puppy kisses"!  There lies ahead, for you and your family, many fun and loving experiences which will involve this new pup.  There also lies ahead a number of tasks to which you will need to attend to; like feeding nutritious food and treats, house training, leash training, dog walks and exercise routines ... and did we mention choosing a name for your beloved furry family member?

Best 14-Letter Dog Names in Pop Culture

Best 14-Letter Dog Name Considerations

While there are a number of responsibilities which accompany having a new puppy in the family, there are some which are more important than others and, some of those responsibilities are feared more than others.  We are specifically referring to the task of picking that perfect name for your darling doggie ... a name which is unique to your doggie alone!  Names are important for humans as well as canines and when it comes to picking a label for this little lovable lump in your lap, you must consider that it is a lifelong moniker and your precious pooch deserves for it to be worthy of their importance in the family.  We're sure all of that hardly seems like a real problem, right?  Sure, go ahead and just pick that name out of the blue ... do it right now!  How many names came to mind just then?  And, when they came to mind, how many others branched off from them?  It is quite true that the name possibilities are limitless and being faced with choosing the perfect one is quite daunting.  But, it needn't be so and Wag! is here to help make this task more fun and less formidable.  Some pet parents use the dog's color, gender, size or even a playful habit they've noted in their pet.  Other pet parents will utilize the alphabet in a variety of ways.  May we suggest considering the best 14-letter dog names?
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