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The Buldogue Campeiro is a powerful looking canine that is medium sized with a very heavy bone structure. They are loyal towards their family and when properly socialized and trained can be good, solid companions for families with older children. The Buldogue Campeiro can become very jealous of small children who still need a lot of attention whereas they are not as jealous of older more self-sufficient children. The Buldogue Campeiro is an excellent guard dog and is naturally suspicious of strangers. They are also quiet and not known for excessive barking. To keep your Buldogue Campeiro in ideal condition, daily exercise is needed. 

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Buldogue Campeiro Dog Name Considerations

While there are no known Buldogue Campeiros living within the United States, if you have done your research and have your heart set on adding one to your family, it should not be an overly difficult thing to find a Brazilian breeder and import one into the United States. There are certain importation regulations that have to be followed regarding bulldogs of any breed, but the reward of owning such a rare and magnificent dog just may outweigh the headache of dealing with the importing. Once you have found your new Buldogue Campeiro puppy and have brought them home, it will be time to search for the perfect name. Being a Brazilian breed, you may want to begin your search by looking at common names from Brazil or even Portuguese names since that is the official language spoken in Brazil. Make sure you choose a name that is easy for everyone in the family to pronounce. Some Brazilian or Portuguese names may be difficult for younger family members. Every dog, no matter the breed, will have their very own unique personality. Take some time to get to know your new Buldogue Campeiro before settling on their name. Many times, they will help you find just the right name for them. 

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