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For more than 60 years, Steve Rogers has faithfully served the people of the world as Captain America. Despite what his name may imply, Captain America has never hesitated to help anyone, anywhere, at any time. The source of Steve's moniker comes from his efforts during World War II - where he helped the Allies defeat the Axis via the gifts he received from the Super Soldier Serum. Thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we're willing to be that everyone is well acquainted with Captain America, his close circle, and a few of the teams that he's lead. But we're also willing to be that most people don't know that Captain America has a British counterpart. Today's article is devoted to a man by the name of Brian Braddock - aka Captain Britain.

Captain Britain Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Captain Britain Inspired Dog Name Considerations

While Captain America's origin story and world are rooted in science, Brian Braddock hails from a mystical background. To be more specific, Brian's roots are entwined with the likes of King Arthur; the One and True King of Briton's court wizard and mentor is actual the being responsible for empowering Brian in the first place. After Brian was involved in a severe motorcycle accident, he was visited by the wizard Merlyn (also known as Merlin) and his daughter Roma. Merlyn offered Brian one of two mystical objects in order to save in the injured man's life - a magical sword or an amulet with healing powers. Being humble and meek sort of guy, Brian chose the amulet over the sword. 

In truth, Merlyn was testing Brian to see if he valued power more than posterity. By choosing the amulet, Brian passed Merlin's test and was not only healed but imbued with superpowers. The rest, as they say, is history - Brian became Captain Britain, used his powers to help others and battle evil, and lead a number of prominent superhero groups with his family and friends. Speaking of family, Brian Braddock is also the twin Brother of Elizabeth Braddock, best known as the X-Men Psylocke. If you're a fan of Arthurian Legend, the X-Men, and Great Britain then you have to check out Captain Britain sometime.

If your pup is of the ruling nature and likes to lead, Brian would be a suitable name. Are you a fan of historical location as well as lore? Consider the very strong name Essex. Do you have a dog who walks with an elegant gait? A perfect name consideration would be Lady, after Lady Elizabeth Braddock.

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