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The toughest part of adopting a cat is picking a name — especially if you have a larger-than-life feline like a Bengal. Bengal cats are a spunky breed full of energy and mischief. This cat breed is said to be more like dogs than cats due to their adventurous spirit and love of water. Bengals love climbing and exploring and often get into precarious situations due to their curious nature. 

This leopard-like kitty is a cross between the Asian leopard and domestic cats and are one of the most expensive cat breeds around. Bengals range from $1,000 to $2,000 per kitten and are hard to come across. Some Bengals have a genetic trait that causes their fur to shimmer in the sunlight, and these are in "pawticularly" high demand. Pet parents are often drawn to this breed since they shed less than other cat breeds and require minimal grooming. 

As you can see, there are many reasons one might choose a Bengal cat. Picking a Bengal is the easy part — the difficult part is naming them. So what should you name your leopard kitty? We have a few names in mind, but first, let's explore the history of this adorable breed and the lady behind it.

Bengal Cat Names In Pop Culture

Bengal Cat Name Considerations

Coat color and pattern are two things to consider when naming a Bengal cat. Bengals may be marbled or have rosettes. They come in many colors, including brown, sepia, and silver. These coat color and pattern variations offer a world of possibilities when it comes to names. For instance, "Rosie" would be an adorable and name for a rosette pattern Bengal, as would "Marbles" for a marbled feline.

Personality is always something to contemplate when naming a pet, and Bengals have no shortage of it. Inquisitive Bengals may earn a name like "Scout," whereas something like "Flash" may suit a fast catto. Agile felines may be a good fit for a name like "Bendy" or "Yogi."

Another thing to consider when adopting a Bengal cat is that they're illegal in some US states. Because they are direct descendants of the Asian leopard cat, some states consider them exotic cats and ban them as pets. Make sure to research the laws in your area before acquiring a Bengal cat. 

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Bengal Cat Names

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