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Both ancient and rare, the Chinese Chongqing dog has been around since 206 BC. This special pooch was bred in Chongqing, China to be a working breed for hunting and protection, although today they are typically kept as pets. The Chinese Chongqing is also known as the Sichuan Hunting Dog, Hechuan Dog, Linshui Dog, and the Bamboo Ratter. Their ancestry is a mystery, but they seem similar to the Shar-Pei and Bulldog with a square build, and a stocky, medium-sized body. They have a short, hard coat of brown, black, red, or Isabella, and these pooches are great companions that will protect you and your family.

Chinese Chongqing Dog Names in Pop Culture

Chinese Chongqing Dog Name Considerations

These guardian and hunting pups are also lovable and athletic, and they need a lot of exercise and room to run. There is Chinese artwork that shows that the Chinese Chongqing dates back to the Han Dynasty in 202 BC and the history buffs tell the story of why there are so few of these awesome creatures left today. First, their numbers decreased severely when the Chinese Communist party put a ban on having pet dogs and even went so far as to kill all the dogs they saw. After 30 years, the breed began to grow again only to be cut down again in 2003 when the Chinese government killed large numbers of these and other dogs due to the spread of the SARS outbreak. 

If you're one of the very few lucky ones who have a Chinese Chongqing, take the time in choosing their moniker because you will need a name as special and unique as they are. Since they are a Chinese breed, you can choose any one of the pawsitively perfect Chinese names, or you can choose something that refers to their hunting or guarding skills. For example, Scout is a cute name for that excellent tracker while Ammo or Gunner would be fun for a gun dog. We are sharing some of our favorites. 

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