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Fellow reader, you who loses yourself between the pages, you who soaks up the words, syntagmas, phrases, and sentences, you who gets immersed in the paragraphs, and who churns out novels, you, yes, you are now a richer person. Not only do you have all the beauty of the world at your fingertips each time you pick up a good old classic novel, you also have all the love in the world right there at your disposal. The undying, omnipresent love of your new dog. And such love must be rewarded by a proper, glorious, meaningful name – a name inspired by one of many classic novels and their characters. 

Classic Novel Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Classic Novel Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Inspired by White Fang, and especially if you are a proud owner and best friend of a Bulldog, giving them a name such as Cherokee is a great way to honor this amazing novel. If, however, you would like to pay tribute to the fantastic author who made White Fang come to life, name your dog Jack, after Jack London. You get bonus points if your adorable doggo is a Jack Russell Terrier! Speaking of the famous author, another cool name for your dog can be simply – London! Effective, interesting, and just elusive enough to make your friends at the dog park wonder if you were thinking about the city of the writer when you were naming your pup. Talk about a conversation starter!

For all those noble souls who decide to adopt a dog that might not be “perfect” physically, for example if your poopoo is missing an eye, honor White Fang’s father by naming them One-Eye. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a dog without one eye, as all dogs are beautiful, perfect, and deserve all the love just the way they are. If, however, your pup is a gorgeous lady with a strong attitude, try naming her Kiche, after White Fang’s mother. 

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