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Science fiction television shows have been getting more popular year after year, and the “Colony” series on USA Network is one of the best. Nominated for three years in a row for the Saturn Awards, this show had all the thrills and chills needed to be a hit show but only lasted three seasons. “Colony” followed the Bowman family during the arrival and takeover of extraterrestrials (aliens) who build walls around Los Angeles where they live. Will Bowman is forced into working for the aliens, called the Redhats, while his wife is a Resistance operative trying to break free of the aliens.

Colony Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Colony Inspired Dog Name Considerations

For those of you getting a new pooch, there are some extra things you will need to ensure that your canine kid is happy and healthy with you. For example, your pupster will need a nice cozy doggy bed to sleep in, some fun toys to play with, a leash and collar for taking walks, yummy treats and healthy kibble, crunchy bones for keeping their teeth healthy, a vet to keep the rest of them healthy, and a name that fits them perfectly. Choosing a moniker for your doggo does not have to be a major pain, though. You can probably figure out a great name for them just by watching them for a while and learning their personality. 

If you are wanting a moniker that is related to “Colony,” there are quite a few pawesome picks in the character and actor list. For instance, Meta, which means pearl in Greek, would be great for a white dog, Paul means humble in Latin so it would make a cute name for a petite pooch, and Rose is furific for a red pooch. You could also go with an alien or space-related name such as Comet, Venus, Astro, Jupiter, Halo, or Saturn. Here are more of our favorites. 

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Community Dogs With Colony Inspired Names

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