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Cool Runnings may have not been the most conventional sports movie, but its story, based on the 1988 Jamaican bobsleigh team, didn’t need to be to both entertain and warm the hearts of those who watched it. Although the writers took their liberties with the story compared to the way it all played out in real life, there’s little doubt that it took some unique characters to make this narrative of hope come to fruition in both the factual and fictionalized versions. Because of it, along with some other important locations, quotes and concepts, there are plenty of options for potential dog-namers looking for a themed title. 

Cool Runnings Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Cool Runnings Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When attempting to come up with an appropriate Cool Runnings inspired dog name, it’s easiest to first compile a list of your dog’s most prominent traits including their looks, quirks and personality, as these will be the easiest points to play off of. 

For instance, if you have a dog with dreadlocks such as a Puli, Komondor or Bergamasco, then the names Sanka, Coffie and Dougie (as in Doug E.) would certainly fit well, especially if they’re also coffee-colored and a bit on the goofy side. By contrast, if they’re more of the strong and silent type, then the names Yul or Brenner would be more appropriate. If you were more inspired by the true, original story more than the film itself, consider giving them the names of the actual 1988 team such as Stokes, Harris or Dudley. If you have any fascination with Jamaica itself, as a destination or cultural hub for food and music, you’ll have plenty of options as well. 

There are a fair amount of directions you can take the naming process, so keep an open mind and see what stands out the most. If you need any additional inspiration, don’t hesitate to re-watch the film to help generate some ideas.

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