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Before everyone had Caller ID, before scam calls and the Do Not Call registry, there was a hilarious show on Comedy Central called "Crank Yankers." This group of mischievous puppets made comedy by prank calling an unsuspecting individual, recording the call, and using the puppets to re-enact the prank call. These calls originate in the fictional town of Yankerville, and the residents (our pranksters) are the slightly average - albeit quirky - citizens of Anytown, USA. The brainchild of comedic pair Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel, these pranks often involved guest prank callers. Celebrity guests included Eminem, Denis Leary, and Nick Cannon.

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Of course, Crank Yankers featured the talents of a few puppets whose voices we might recognize; however, there are no full-time pets on the show. (One should note that there is a pup who appears periodically in skits; his facial expressions lend to the comedy of the call.) In the episode, "Bobby Wants a New Friend," Bobby Fletcher calls a local pet store in search of a canine companion. The pet store clerk relates to Bobby all the various breeds currently at the store. A Cocker Spaniel puppet plays the role of the pet store Fido; Bobby claims that he needs a puppy so that he can find a girlfriend. While Bobby talks to the clerk, a young girl puppet picks up a Maltese canine puppet and leaves with the happy pooch. All the while, Bobby tries to convince the clerk that he only needs to borrow the Cocker Spaniel and will bring it back once he has met a few prospective dates. The clerk, of course, reminds Bobby that dogs are a lifetime commitment, but that's the point of the prank - the callers often make bizarre requests of the person who answers the phone. The reactions are the comedic result.
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