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For curlers or fans of the sport, few names are more suitable for their dogs than ones inspired by the game and players they’ve come to know and love. From its inception in Scotland in the 16th century to becoming a favorite of the Winter Olympics, curling has seen its fair share of talented athletes. With it has come a veritable glossary of sport-specific terms that, with its recent rise in popularity, are slowly being incorporated into a more universal lexicon, one stocked head-to-toe with bits of jargon just perfect for faithful fans to use to name their just-as-faithful canine friends.

Curling Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Curling Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Like many sports, curling has a wide breadth of history, terminology and player names to use for potential dog names. The hardest part is likely deciding which direction to go. Players who know the game well will likely be best suited with terms derived straight from the gameplay itself, while others who merely celebrate the sport are likely better suited with using the names of great players, locations and tidbits of history for their naming fodder. 

Of course, you can use any basis you like, but if your dog possesses quirks unique to their personality, there’s likely a curling term that will suit them nicely. For instance, for dogs that are strong and powerful, names like Flash, Blast, Shooter and Hammer would be great options. For a dog that has a hitch in their walk or is particularly unstable, the names Kizzle, Kazzle and Wobbler would all be solid fits. For dogs with good accuracy with anything from playing to training, the names Nose, House and Button would all be good choices.

There are plenty of other ways you can go, from using your dog’s origin to matching them up with a famous player or giving them a name of your favorite curling club or arena. So push hard, sweep right and with any luck, you’ll have a stone landing in the bullseye in no time.

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Community Dogs with Curling Inspired Names

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