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You may be wondering -what shall I call my new dog? It's not an easy task as there are so many choices. That is where lists of dog names come in handy, they jar your memory and give you options to choose from. Of course it all depends on your dog; the color he is, the level of activity he has, the size, or just the funny quirky natures or mannerisms that dogs may have can all influence your choice of name. There is no use calling a tiny shy dog Devil or Ripper when it is more suited to a name like Cloud, Dove or even Minnie. A huge Doberman Pinscher would seem ridiculous with a name like Dimples. So think carefully and look up some lists of dog names on the internet and search different niches, such as Famous People, Rugby Players, Sportspeople or even Dance Music like this list, for inspiration for a perfect name for your best friend. Dance music in particular can be an inspiring place to find a great name - perhaps Tango would suit your very active puppy? You are only limited by your imagination.

Dance Music Dog Names in Pop Culture

Dance Music Dog Name Considerations

Your dog is going to be stuck with its name for the rest of its life, so make it a great name that suits your dog and one that you can live with also. Music is a source of great inspiration for many pet owners, whether you are into country music, rock n roll, or classical jazz - whatever you like, there is sure to be a source of a great name that you can capture for your pet and polish it to perfection. The name can be as simple as Axl (after the rocker Axl Rose) or Aretha (after Aretha Franklin), or maybe Aria (an Opera Climax) would suit your new pet. Iggy, after Iggy Pop or Iggy Azalea are a bit different, while Tull, after Jethro Tull, may be your thing. Whatever the type of music you are into, there are tons of options for a brilliant dog name. Just ensure that it makes sense, suits your dog's character and color, and reflects his size. Leave any weird names or crude names be, you will regret choosing a name like that, trust me. Choose a name that is easy to say, and doesn't conflict with commands such as sit, or stay. In other words, don't settle on Kit, or May. Dance names such as ChaCha, Rumba, or Bosanova can provide some great names. Look into those beautiful big eyes of your new friend and try the name out on them - they may react positively to a certain name and presto, you worked together to choose your dog's name.
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Community Dogs with Dance Music Names

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