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You have chosen a new furry family addition and now you are looking for the ideal name. With so many names to choose from, it can be almost impossible to find the best one. Where do you even begin? Well, choosing a name ending is a great place to start! We're suggesting using alphabetical combinations at the end of the name as you make your selection. An example of this would be using the letters "b" and "a" together. Doing so gives a fun and unique sound that is catchy and sure to fit your new pup!

Dog Names Ending in 'ba' in Pop Culture

Dog Name Ending in 'ba' Considerations

While you may already know that you love names ending in "ba", you still have a lot to consider when assessing each name. One thing you may want to think about is the meaning. You may find a name that initially you are not drawn to but then, when you hear what the name means, you find it is perfect for your dog. For example, the name Alba means white or blonde, making it the perfect choice for a light colored dog. The name Loba means one who talks a lot, so it is ideal for a dog who likes to bark! A name meaning is certainly something to consider! 

Having a good nickname to go with your dog's name is also important. There are a few names that end in "ba" that are a little bit long and may not be something you can easily yell out the back door when you are calling your dog. Kadamba, meaning an orange flower, is a pretty name for a dog but a nickname like Kada might work in day to day life. Think about how each name sounds when you say it out loud and consider which nicknames you may end up using. 

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