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Are you looking for the perfect name for the pup you just brought home from the shelter? We bet you are interested in finding something that is unique and rare, hoping for a name that you just don't hear every day. A dog name ending in "je" is exactly what you need! While there are many names ending in "je" that are beautiful and powerful, they are also not very common which means your dog will stand out in a crowd, turn heads and be one of a kind. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Take a look at these awesome names ending in "je" and you are sure to find one that suits your pup.

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Dog Name Ending in je Considerations

Once you have decided on a name, there are still a few things for you to consider. What is your pup's personality like? Do they have short and sleek fur or a long and thick coat? Matching your new pup's name to their appearance is one way to go about making your selection.  The name Mauridsje, for example, means swarthy and dark and is a very cool name. It is a little bit difficult to say when in a rush, necessitating a cute nickname. Maur and Jeje are fun shortened versions of the name.

Consider the meaning behind each name ending in "je" as well. Pingjarje, meaning "small deer", is ideal for a light brown dog with a graceful gait. If you have an energetic dog, then a name like Savaje which translates to "a wild man" is perfect. The name Naje simply means "safe" and is a nice name for a dog who makes you feel safe. Meaning and connotation can hold a lot of weight, so be sure to think about those factors as you choose a name for your dog. 

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