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Trying to decide on the perfect name for your new best buddy? Thinking of a name ending in "ri"? Well, that is a great choice! Maybe your name ends in "ri" and you want a dog name that matches your own. Or perhaps you just love how names that end in "ri" sound. Whatever your reason for loving names ending in "ri", there are plenty that you can choose from. This list will definitely help you find the ideal moniker for your dog, one that will sound great every time you call it and fit your pup's personality perfectly! Time to explore the list!

Dog Names Ending in 'ri' in Pop Culture

Dog Name Ending in "ri" Considerations

When choosing a dog name that ends in "ri", you may think that there isn't much more to think about seeing as you have picked a name ending that you adore. However, there is a lot to consider in addition to having "ri" at the end of the name! What about the first half of your pup's name? Sure, "ri" names have a nice ring to them but try saying the full name out loud. Before settling on a dog name, you should practice saying it, calling it, even yelling it as you will be on a day to day basis. Hearing a name out loud may make you love it more or decide against it.

Think about the meaning behind the name. Some of the names on this list reference color so you could consider a tag that matches your dog's appearance. Other names tap into certain personality traits that may remind you of your dog. Name meaning is definitely something to consider!

Look at the origin of the names as you scroll down the list. If you have a dog with a particular background, you may want a name that matches their heritage. Luckily, there are names ending in "ri" from all across the globe! 

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