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Is your new addition a little on the heavy side?  Well, there is nothing wrong with that because it probably makes your furry canine even more adorable. Why not focus on bestowing a moniker on your new dog that reflects their large size? You could even name your four-legged buddy after someone who is known for being large. Your beefy boy or pudding-like princess will suit a name that celebrates their cute and unique look. Our list suggests many names that are perfect for the portly pooch in your life.

Dog Names Meaning Heavy in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Heavy Considerations

Some dogs pack on the pounds as they age or after they are altered. Certain breeds, such as the English Bulldog, are just built physically heavy.  No matter what causes your pooch to sport a robust form, you probably still find him cute. 

Naming a dog a name that means heavy or after a famous heavy character is perfectly natural. You might as well celebrate every aspect of what makes your best furry buddy unique.  However, remember that even though your dog is chubby and cute, they should not sport too many extra pounds. Heaviness can cause a multitude of health problems, just like in humans. Hip, elbow, and back problems may develop as a direct result of too much weight. Your pooch is also at an increased risk for heart problems. 

If you notice that your dog has an ever-expanding girth, you may want to focus on feeding them a low-calorie diet. Many pet food manufacturers offer food lines that encourage weight loss. You can even buy low calorie treats. Ideally, your pooch should not receive human food treats. Many families think that giving their dog leftovers is completely acceptable, but human food is actually not good for canines and should be avoided. 

Taking your dog for a daily walk is also beneficial to their overall health. Dogs are descended from wolves and geared towards running for miles in the search for food. They had to traverse miles in their never ending quest for food, water, and shelter. In such a situation, a wild canine would burn off excess calories and maintain a lean physique. However, dogs of today have become couch potatoes with very little physical activity. An inactive lifestyle is conducive to weight gain. Getting your dog out and exercising can aid in weight loss, allowing your beloved four-legged friend a long and healthy life.

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