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Is your canine companion a happy-go-lucky kind of pooch? Maybe your dog is just downright jovial at all times. Most dogs are friendly.  Well, if this is the case, why not name the dog a handle that shows the animal's cheerful personality? There are innumerable jovial names that you can choose. You can even pick the name of a comedian or someone who makes you happy to bestow on your four-legged fur buddy.

Dog Names Meaning Jovial in Pop Culture

Dog Names Meaning Jovial

Dogs are known for their jovial dispositions. However,  for centuries humans have wondered, why exactly are dogs so friendly?  Their wolf counterparts are not overly generous. In fact, even tamed, the wolf still retains its wild disposition in many ways and often fails to develop a genuine bond with its human caretaker. However, this is typically not the case with domestic canines. Even protection breeds are friendly with their human owners. 

Scientists have recently discovered that two genes may account for the reason your pooch is jovial. In fact, the very genes that make a dog-friendly appear shared with human individuals who suffer from a disorder known as Williams-Beuren syndrome. A sufferer of the disease called Williams-Beuren syndrome is just too friendly. 

Recently, researchers at the Oregon State University in partnership with other institutions that study behavioral and genetic issues studied 16 canines. Out of the dog subjects, eight were socialized wolves. Their goal was to pine down the mutations in the two genes that they believed were responsible for the domesticated dogs' jovial disposition. The two genes, GTF21 and GTF21IRD1, are the same genes responsible for the Williams-Beuren syndrome in humans. Deletions in the genes of the domestic canine are believed to be what causes the pooch's friendly attitude. Wolves do not exhibit the deletions. 

Interestingly, humans who suffer from Williams-Beauren Syndrom have developmental delays. Domestic canines also exhibit those same developmental delays when compared to their wild wolf counterparts. Many hypotheses that the genetic changes that domestic canines have undergone are a form of evolution that helps to ensure the canine's survival. Dogs needed to be friendly and establish relationships with the early man to ensure survival by creating a firm partnership.

There is no doubt that pet dogs are friendly and endearing, which is why humans want to share their lives with their doggy friends. When considering a name for your pooch, you should look at the history of the domesticated dog and also try to pick a name that genuinely denotes your dog's friendly disposition. 

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