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Dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason. Canines are friendly, outgoing, and genuinely enjoy the company of their humans. Sure, some dogs have been bred to be guard dogs or warriors but even they are congenial to their owners. Pooches are just flat out nice to their family and those they consider members of their ‘pack’. Their sweet personality and pleasant disposition are what makes them our buddies. If you have a dog that you feel is the nicest four-legged friend in the world then you might want to give them a nice name that belies the dog’s greatness.

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Dog Name Meaning Nice Considerations

You are probably wondering why dogs are just so darn nice. Well, recent research reveals that it has been programmed into their genes to be more sociable than wolves. Bridgett von Holdt, a Princeton biologist, has spent the last three years of her career studying why dogs are genetically so nice and social, especially when compared to their wild wolf relatives. Two genes, called GTF2I and GTF2IRD1, are believed to be the reason why dogs are so nice. Mutations in the genes in humans cause a genetic disorder known as Williams syndrome. Sufferers of William’s syndrome have elf-like features, cognitive issues, and adore everyone.

Canines started to be man’s companion 10,000 years ago. It is believed that domestic breeding of dogs altered a gene known as the WBSCR17 which made canines more reliant on their human masters. The genes  GTF2I and GTF2IRD1 have also undergone changes compared to those found in wolves. The three genetic changes make dogs nice, friendly, and extremely reliant on mankind for care.

As breeding of domestic canines continues, the changes also become more pronounced with loving, apartment-happy, companion dogs emerging as the most favored pets by humans.  This means that the genes will continue to change over time and make human companion canines even nicer than their predecessors. Dogs continue to pick up the traits of their human masters. Canines can show empathy, jealousy, read facial expressions, and many genuinely like to sit and watch television with their owners. 

The changes that dogs have undergone throughout thousands of years of both evolution and selective breeding are believed to not only be a survival mechanism by making them more favorable to human care but also a phenomenon that was created, perhaps unbeknownst, by breeders to make a truly great pet and companion by breeding only nice, loving dogs. Consider these interesting facts about why your dog is one of the nicest out there, and enjoy the name selection!

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