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What makes a pleasant dog? Certainly, individuals will have varying answers. One owner might not like a high-energy dog, while another owner detests a dog that sleeps incessantly. However, there are a few universal characteristics that make a dog appealing to all lovers of canines. Most will agree that a pleasant dog should be, overall, gentle with people of all ages. A pleasant dog should also be friendly, even if the pup's breed is known to be protective. Most owners wish for their dog to also be affectionate - a trait common to most breeds. Finally, most pleasant dogs will also be willing to please their masters. Once you have found the "pleasant" pup just for you, now it is time to name the pooch!

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Pleasant Dog Name Considerations

Each person has a personal opinion of what makes a dog pleasant. As previously stated, most owners concede that they look for a dog that possesses the ability to be gentle with family members, even if they are intended to be family or property guardians. Furthermore, they wish for the dog to be friendly in appropriate situations (some breeds are naturally standoffish, and this can be aggravating in situations when the pup should not be). Finally, they want a pup to be affectionate with the people that they come in regular contact with. Some also add that they find a dog's pleasantness wrapped in the ability to bark only when necessary. Still others enjoy an obedient dog that is willing to listen and learn. Just a little research brought up some breeds who seem to fulfill a majority of these qualities. 

First, the Maltese is a breed that is intelligent, enjoys learning, and loves to entertain both their family and family friends. The Golden Retriever is another highly sought-out breed; they are so friendly and obedient that they make great therapy dogs. The Pug is a great companion animal with loads of love to give. Finally, the Cocker Spaniel is friendly, loving, and easily trainable. 

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