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Is your pooch tough? A lot of dogs are just plain scrappy. Certain breeds, such as dogs in the American Kennel Club’s Working Group, have been bred to be strong and have an impressive drive so they can complete the task at hand. However, toughness in a dog isn’t always a trait in a canine that functions as a guard dog, but also can be seen in breeds that excel at sledding, herding, scent work, and a variety of other jobs. If you have a tough-as-nails pooch then you probably want to give your dog a handle that displays his hardiness. The name can mean ‘tough’ but it can also be bestowed in commemoration of a tenacious famous tough pup. 

Dog Names Meaning Tough in Pop Culture

Dog Names Meaning Tough Considerations

Some breeds are physically tough looking. Dogs such as the Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd, Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull, and Mastiff all have the appearance of being strong and sometimes are thought to be mean. However, some dogs are true demonstrators of strength even if they don’t have the representation. A Bloodhound will track a trail until he can no longer move. A Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute will run pulling a sled until he can also no longer walk. Dogs such as Terriers have spent centuries functioning as hunting dogs who take on badgers and foxes without batting an eye. 

Pooches with an attitude and an undying heart of gold deserve a name that portrays their unique nature and characteristics. The very committed personality that sets them apart should be personified with a moniker to showcase their abilities. 

When thinking of the perfect name for your new puppy or adopted companion the best way to choose is to watch your four-legged buddy closely to decide what fits best. Dogs are just like people, they each have their own personalities. Try to focus on those telltale characteristics when picking a designation for your brawny canine. Does he stroll around like he thinks he is a hard-as-nails hombre? Is your dog sleek and built for speed? 

When picking names that belay Fido’s stalwart characteristics you should think about similar dogs throughout history that have shared his looks or personality traits. You can also turn to television and film canines to garner ideas that fit your furbaby. Even naming your buddy after humans who are known for their hard-bitten natures might be an option. Let your imagination run wild while watching your pup closely and pretty soon the perfect name will come to you. Composing a list of names you like and choosing from them might be your best bet to find the perfect fit.

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