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Typically, a puppy starts out as a carefree, fun-loving spirit who matures into a very wise canine. As a responsible pet parent, during the dog's growing up phases, you will socialize your pooch and teach the animal the basics of obedience, so they become a treasured and valued household pet. In general, it takes years for a dog to gain wisdom. Just like a human, maturity can be a slow process. However, you can still pick a wise moniker for your pup.

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Dog Name Meaning Very Wise Considerations

Have you ever looked deeply into the soulful eyes of an older canine? Typically, you will see wisdom reflected. Many dogs have seen a lot and experienced many adventures. Life has taught them a thing or two and turned them into amusing characters.

Throughout the centuries, dogs have had to rely on their wisdom to survive. From the early days as camp followers, canines formed an unbreakable bond with mankind. They have survived through wits and perseverance. Undoubtedly, with wisdom comes skills that benefit the dog throughout their life. 

If you want to pick a wise name for your pooch then why not call them "Sage"?  A sage has historically been a wise medicine woman who many come to for fortune telling. You could also name your pooch "Merlin" after King Arthur's wise wizard. "Confucius" is another fun name to consider. He was a famous Chinese wise man and educator. "Solomon", from the Bible, is another man that has historically been considered highly intelligent. "Gandhi" and "Einstein" are two other names that you might want to put on your list when considering an apt name for your pooch. "Hatshepsut" was a female pharaoh known for her leadership and wisdom. When picking a wise name for your dog, the choices are truly endless. 

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