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Ask several individuals why they choose a particular name for a new dog, and you will likely get a different answer from each person questioned. Some new pet parents may choose to honor a friend or family member by naming their pooch after a loved one. Other owners may name their dog according to personality traits of the dog. Still others may consult lists of popular names for ideas. Perhaps you already have a pet, and you want to give your new pup a name that goes with your existing pet's name. Your current pet's name might start with the letter "B", which would prompt you to choose another name that starts with the same letter.

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Dog Names that Start with B Considerations

First, when considering a name for your dog, think about what experts have to say about naming Fido. Most dogs do best with a name that is short, generally only one or two syllables long. Scientific studies show that dogs are less likely to get confused with a short, monosyllabic or two-syllable name. Next, you should never give your new pup a name that sounds a lot like the most highly used commands your dog is likely to hear such as "sit" or "stay." Choose a short name that is both cute and easy for your pup to understand. After all, you will be using the name to call your dog multiple times a day for years to come - make it a name that both of you will be at ease while using. 

One great reason to choose a name for your dog that begins with "B" can also be attributed to science. Dogs tend to pay more attention to words beginning with sharp, hard consonant sounds. Consider the sound you make when simply saying the letter B, and you will see that you are easily following this guideline.

Finally, many pet owners name their new dog according to coat color or the personality of the pup. "Blackie" or "Brownie" most definitely fit the aforementioned guidelines as well as give a visual of the dog. 

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Community Dogs with Names that Start with B

Bella's name story for Dog Names that Start with B
Labrador Retriever
Oneida, KS

we have a 5 animals and we got bella bc our golden retriever was going blind and he needed help so we bought bella and his name is blaze, bella and blaze, blaze died april 2017 night of easter

Buddy's name story for Dog Names that Start with B
Yorkshire Terrier
Palm Coast, FL

Well we did not have a name and we just called him buddy and soon that name started to stick and now he has a name tag on his collar and buddy’s his name

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