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Edinburgh, Scotland is an excellent town for humans and dogs alike. If you are Scottish or you love traveling to the Highlands, then why not choose a handle for your furry friend that reflects your passion for the region? The capital of Scotland, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Plus, the locals adore canines! The dog-friendly attitude of the residents and the welcoming vibe that flows through the historic town is enough to make anyone fall in love with the capital city. Tag your pup with an Edinburgh name!

Edinburgh Dog Names in Pop Culture

Edinburgh Dog Name Considerations

The Scots lovingly refer to Edinburgh as Auld Reekie, which translates into, 'Old Smoky."  The nickname arose because of the geographic location of the city. It is surrounded by mountains and sits down in a valley. Historically, all homes used wood or coal for heat so on a brisk morning the entire town would be shrouded in a smoky cloud. If you genuinely want to name your four-legged buddy after Edinburgh then 'Smoky' is a genuinely excellent and authentic name that denotes the iconic city. 

When picking out a name for your dog, why not be like the Scots who call the town their home? In 2017, residents of Edinburgh, Scotland picked, 'Emily,' as their first choice for baby girls. For boys, 'Alfie' took the number one spot. Additional famous Edinburgh names included Oscar, Max, Alexander, and Ethan. For females, the names Rosa, Isla, Aria, and Jessica ranked in the top ten. 

Most Scottish names denote the country's long and proud heritage. The handles are often passed down through the generations, and many families hold dearly to the unique tradition. One thing stands true about each name, and that is they have a genuinely Gaelic flair. 

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