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Compared to other famous people you could name your dog after, giving them a famous journalist’s name is undoubtedly a bit unconventional but will be a great fit if you’re a journalist yourself or appreciate great writers, great broadcasters, or are just a sucker for one particular news program. Fortunately, many journalists have unique names, so attributing one to your furry friend will surely help them stand out from the crowd. Any time someone hears you call their name, it should be a quick and easy association, one that will both remind you and tell the world where your appreciation stands for both top notch journalism and top notch dogs. 

Famous Journalist Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous Journalist Dog Name Considerations

Picking your dog’s name is often more complicated than just selecting one and seeing if it sticks. For those who like to get a bit more out of the naming process, it takes a bit more effort to not only find a name that’s good, but is also personally tailored to your dog. 

Of course, there are a lot of ways to generate ideas, but we suggest starting with either their breed type, looks, personality, or even anecdotes from their past. 

For instance, in terms of appearance or breed type, if you have a Tamaskan, Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky, the names Wolfe, Wolf, or Blitzer are all highly-applicable because you can play on their resemblance to an actual wolf and tie in one of your favorite journalists. 

If you’d rather use their personality, there’s plenty to work with there too. It could be as simple as calling your dog who likes to hunt or be in the woods, Hunter, after Hunter S. Thompson, or Woodward, after Bob Woodward, or it could be as complicated as naming your dog who likes to look out the window Rather, after Dan Rather, because it always seems like they’d rather be somewhere else. For the same reason, naming a dog who runs into everything Bash or a dog who seems to break a lot of things Brokaw is perfectly suitable as well. 

Whatever you choose, do your research and figure out what organizations and individuals you really value. Make yourself a list, narrow it down, then see what is most suitable to your dog individually. 

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Community Dogs with Famous Journalist Names

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