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If you enjoy Jodie Foster movies, then you will probably like “Flightplan.” This 2005 film is a psychological thriller about a woman whose daughter goes missing on an airplane and everyone is telling her they never saw the girl. In fact, the flight attendant tells her that she was not even on the manifest so she could not have been with her. It is actually a kidnapping plot that one of the flight attendants and the Air Marshall, Carson, are in on. Carson really just drugged the little girl and hid her so he could smuggle explosives in Kyle’s husband’s casket and blame her for the whole thing.

Flightplan Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Flightplan Inspired Dog Name Considerations

You have probably seen or heard about people who bring their canine kids aboard airplanes to travel with them. In fact, some of them are actually allowed to ride in the cabin with the passengers. Whether you have to take an airplane to go get your new poochie or get them right up the street, you will be needing some important things for them. For instance, a cozy doggy bed to sleep in would be nice, as would a collar and leash to go for walks. Your pupster would also enjoy some fun toys to play with, bones to munch on, tasty kibble, and plenty of treats. You will also need a veterinarian and of course, the perfect name. 

Choosing the right moniker is not difficult but may take some time. Until then, you can just call your furry family member "dog". You may want to choose a name that corresponds with their appearance, such as Raven or Jet for a black pooch or Fairey for a petite pup. Picking a title according to their personality is also a fun way to do it. Consider Captain for a bossy pooch, Rowdy or Spitfire for a hyper dog, or Loud for that noisy pooch. Here are some other pawesome names to pick from.

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