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It's been said that the candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long. An independent game development company named Studio Motiga certainly lends credence to that claim, as they absolutely lit up the gaming industry with their project - Gigantic - before tragically burning out in an unfortunately short time span. Released back on July 20, 2017, before being shut down on July 31, 2018, Gigantic was a team-based game that was poised to take the world by storm. Though the game's player base never grew to match the monumental likes of Overwatch or Call of Duty, anyone who played Gigantic fell head over heels for the game's innovative combat, lovable characters, and gripping world.

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Gigantic Inspired Dog Name Considerations

True to its name, Gigantic had a massive impact on the gaming community - in particular a large number of fans who are still singing praises of the game on sites like YouTube and Steam to this day. The game was lauded as being a refreshing change of pace to the video game industry's current state - Gigantic's developers went to great lengths to put their players first, being free to play and essentially playable on just about any kind of rig that one could cobble together. To this day, the untimely shut down Gigantic and Studio Motiga remains one of those tragic injustices of the entertainment industry. That's not to say that Studio Motiga went out without a fight. 

In fact, the small independent developer's valiant efforts to support their player base at all costs is something that's truly inspiring. Legend has it that the members of Studio Motiga were told, one fateful day, that they were completely out of money and wouldn't be paid for their efforts for a long time. These employees were encouraged to pack up their things and start searching for a job elsewhere. The very next day, every single one of them came back and worked despite not knowing if they'd even be paid. If that doesn't inspire you to give Gigantic a second look, we don't know what will. Names like Talon, Voden, Xenobia and Imani are sure to catch your eye as you peruse our list of top-notch tags!

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