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Have you just brought home a new four-legged buddy? You are probably searching for a name to bestow upon your new dog. One of the best ways to pick a name is to think about something that interests you. Are you fascinated with ancient Egypt? Maybe you are dreaming of someday visiting the great pyramids of Giza and viewing the statuesque Spynx firsthand. If these thoughts intrigue you then why not choose a name for your pooch that reflects your interest in Egypt? We've compiled a list to help you do just that!

Giza Dog Names in Pop Culture

Giza Dog Name Considerations

Do you own a Pharoah Hound? If so, then you might want to pick a Giza moniker for your furry friend.

In Egypt, dogs were once the beloved companions of the pharoahs and the royals. They were valued for their intelligence, companionship, and hunting skills. Packs of dogs would often trot along beside the chariots on hunting trips when going to battle, or other outings. The canines were also used as guards and sentinels to alert anyone over anything amiss. Even the religion of the Egyptians honored dogs. Dogs and cats all held special places in the hearts of Egyptians. The animals were so favored that they would often be mummified and buried in tombs right alongside their owners.

In the Valley of the Kings, constructed beside the great pyramids of Giza, sits the half dog/leopard and half pharaoh statue known as the Sphinx. No one is sure exactly what the creature's function served. Perhaps it was supposed to guard the grand pyramids, or maybe it was constructed to honor the gods. Nonetheless, the dog and cat resemblance is very noticeable in the statue's construction. 

If you want to pick the perfect name for your canine companion that focuses on your fascination with Giza, then you could choose one of the names of the great pyramids: Khufu, Khafre, or Menkaure. 

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