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Based on the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a syndicated women’s professional wrestling circuit that came about in the 1980s, Netflix’s GLOW takes a few creative liberties while still paying homage to the brave and sometimes outrageous souls who helped to cement the sport for women decades ago. While the show offers new characters, many of those who are introduced and featured are actually inspired by real-life women of the original circuit. Best of all, giving them new names and in-ring personas just means that potential dog namers will have both the original, given names and wrestling identities of both sets to choose from when picking their dog name.

GLOW Dog Names in Pop Culture

GLOW Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with a suitable GLOW inspired dog name, we first suggesting putting together a list of your dod’s most defining and prominent traits, whether that means elements of their appearance, their habits or their personality, as it will be the easiest thing to work off of when scrolling down our list of characters and their descriptions. It would also be wise to do some research on the original members of GLOW, as they may be just as entertaining or inspiring — as we’ve mostly covered the Netflix version here. 

For instance, if your dog happens to be a bit destructive, then the names Wilder, Zoya and Destroya would all be suitable choices. If they happen to work some kind of weird magic on you or others, whether good or bad, then the name Cherry, Bang or Magic would be appropriate. If they happen to be super smart and were rescued from the street, then the names Rhonda or Britannica would be good picks. For dogs who are particularly wild, then Sheila or She-Wolf would work well. 

There are plenty of options from the Netflix versions to the originals, in-ring or real, so do a bit of research and see what speaks to you most.

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