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Well hello, fellow lover of hard tunes, sharp guitar riffs, and the rebellious lyrics. The time has come to give a proper name to your new dog, and what better way to start that beautiful friendship than naming your pup after some of the most notable personalities in the sky of hardcore music. As we know, hardcore music, especially hardcore punk originated in the late 70s when the young people all over the world decided to rebel against the peaceful and super chill hippie culture and express themselves in a harder, faster, and more aggressive way. So, if you are a fan of this type of music, naming your dog after a hardcore musician is a great way to honor this culture.

Hardcore Music Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hardcore Music Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Looking for a perfect name for your doggo is hard. Almost as hard as hardcore music is! So, if you are anything like Rafael and are a proud owner of an adorable Bull Terrier, you can choose to name them Choo, after the lovely Jimmy Choo from the story above. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can give your doggo the name Ginn, after Greg Ginn of Black Flag, one of the most famous hardcore punk bands ever. 

If you are feeling a little more rebellious, you can name your dog after one of the famous bands that marked the era of hardcore music. Groups such as Crass, Wilhelm Scream, or Cro-Mags can be turned into great names for your dog. Since hardcore punk is all about DIY culture, combining two or more names can give you something truly unique that no other dog owner can think of! Be rebellious by naming your dog Kennedy, after the band Dead Kennedy’s, or call them Rollins after the Rollins Band.

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