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For the last decade or so the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating box offices around the globe, with some of the highest grossing films in the franchise raking in billions of dollars in revenue. Moreover, most of these commercially successful films have been critically well received - spawning devout fan groups and paving the way for a number of superheroes to make their mark in cinematic history who may not have been given a chance otherwise. The Inhumans are one of the groups given a chance to shine in 2017. While their first live action outing on the silver screen didn't exactly go over too well, the superpowered family has decades of comic book continuity behind them as well as murmurs of them appearing on the big screen sometime in the future.

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If you're a person who is big on the idea of "family first" and working together with your loved ones to achieve common goals, then you'll likely love the Inhumans! Second only to the Fantastic Four, Marvel's First Family, the Inhumans superhero group serve as one of the most prominent families in the entire Marvel Universe. The very word Inhuman has a number of meanings when speaking about the Marvel Universe; it both refers to the entire species of augmented humans who were experimented on by the Kree as well as the Inhumans Royal Family - the main characters of the Inhumans show as well as the main members of the Inhumans superhero group. We can't sugar coat it, comic books are weird - but would you prefer them to be any other way? It's that exact weirdness that's drawn so many of us to them for more than 60 decades that really sums up the Inhumans as both a species and a superhero group. Their king and leader Blackagar Boltagon (or Black Bolt for short) has a voice so powerful that he has to keep quiet most of the time, lest he levels a mountain by whistling, while his wife and the queen of the Inhumans - Medusa - fights with her hair. If you love comics and all the weirdness that comes with them, then you should seriously consider naming your dog after an Inhumans character.
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