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The term Irish mythology encompasses a wide number of subjects; at once, the term evokes the early, pre-Christian beliefs of the Celts and the Gauls and brings to mind images of faeries and werewolves. Much of what was known about Irish mythology has been lost over the centuries, leaving behind bits and pieces of culture and history that we must go to great lengths to glean any meaningful information from. However arduous a task that might be, researching Irish mythology can provide valuable insights into the world we currently live in. While the primary purpose of this guide is to suggest a number of Irish mythological names you might want to give to your dog, hopefully it'll also inspire you to read and learn more about Irish mythology more when you have the time.

Irish Mythology Dog Names In Pop Culture

Irish Mythology Dog Name Considerations

Irish mythology contains a large number of heroes and benevolent gods for you to name your dog after; whereas the gods of the Greek Pantheon have become known for their acts of lechery as equally as they've become known for their acts of bravery, and the gods of the Norse Pantheon have become just as synonymous with savagery as they have with shamanism, various members of the Celtic pantheon have become adopted by the Romans and are even based off of Greek gods like Apollo and Hephaestus. All of this is to say that influence of Irish mythology has lasted, even if many of its direct sources haven't. 

It's because of that conundrum that we feel you should give your dog an Irish mythology inspired name; if you were to name your dog Morrigan, after the infamous witch, or Lugh, after the Irish sky-father figure akin to Zeus or Odin, you'd be helping preserve an ancient part of Irish mythology that's managed to persist in modern civilization despite being centuries old. Consider giving your dog a name based off of Irish mythology as a way of helping this rather underrepresented menagerie of gods, monsters, and heroes gain more exposure in our modern world.

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