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Judo is one of those sports that everyone would love to master because it just looks so cool! The creator of judo was Jigoro Kano, and he described it as moral, mental, and physical pedagogy, but later evolved into a martial art and an Olympic sport. Interesting fact about judo – only fifteen people have been promoted to 10th dan by the Kodokan Judo Institute, the headquarters of the judo community for the entire world. The only remaining living 10th dan judoka promoted by Kodokan were granted their rank together, on January 8th, 2006. Others have been promoted by other organizations such as IJF, which is not recognized by the Kodokan. 

Judo Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Judo Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When thinking about the perfect name for your new puppy, you may turn to judo as inspiration for various reasons. Perhaps you are a judoka and want to honor your hobby or even a profession by naming your pup after some of the most notable judokas that influenced you. Or, perhaps you are just a huge fan who wants everyone to know just how important judo is for you. Maybe your pup’s moves remind you of some judo moves, and you believe that if there were a judo competition for doggos, yours would surely win. And aren’t we all secretly wishing that such a thing existed?  

So, in that spirit, you can start with the name of the founder of judo Jigorō Kanō, a Japanese athlete and martial artist. Or, if you want something non-person inspired, you can name your pupper Judoka, which is a term used for judo practitioners. Another fantastic choice is the name Kata, which is a Japanese that means form, usually a pre-arranged pattern of movements used in judo. Randori is another name option for your pup, and it represents the freestyle practice, much unlike kata. As another option, you can name your doggo Dan, pronounced with a short and hard A, which is a ranking system in judo.


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