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Kraven's Last Hunt isn't your typical comic book story - which is really saying something, as there's really nothing that's "typical" about most comic book stories to being with! But even among tales that astonish and amazing fantasies, Kraven's Last Hunt stands out as a story that hits hard and leaves an impact on you. The story stars Kraven the Hunter - a long time Spider-Man villain and member of the Sinister Six - as he tries to successfully hunt Peter Parker before retiring. While the story may sound simple, it's actually a very layered look at one of Spider-Man's most threatening, yet complex, villains. This also deals with some pretty heavy subject matter, such as obsession, end of life, and the price of peace.

Kraven's Last Hunt Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Kraven's Last Hunt Inspired Dog Names

Why give your dog a Kraven's Last Hunt inspired name? Well if you've been a long time Spider-Man fan, then you'll likely appreciate the way this particular story handles both Spider-Man and the Unhuntable Sergei; both characters are given ample amounts of time to try and truly understand one another in between their brutal battles. 

This is due to the lengths writer J.M. DeMatteis and penciller  Mike Zeck went to in order to paint these characters in a more complex light. Rick Parker, Bob Sharen, and Janet Jackson (not MJ's younger sister, mind you) also put in tons of effort to bring the story to life from a visual perspective. Suffice it to say that if you're a Spider-Man fan, Kraven's Last Hunt is a must read for you. 

Fans of Spider-Man can consider Spidey, of course! And if your pup is into exploring and chasing, the tag Hunter will suit well. Niki is cute and pays homage to Nikolaevna. A chubby dog would wear She-Hulk well; the possibilities are many with this theme!

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