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The Kromfohrlander (pronounced Krome for lahn dair) is a rather sensitive companion that is extremely loyal to their owners. They are commonly called Kromi (pronounced Krome ee) and can be found in two distinct coat types: wirehaired with a beard and smooth haired with smooth face, no beard and long, soft coat. The Kromfohrlander is a funny, medium-sized dog that will sneeze to greet you and has a distinctive smile that endears them to you. The Kromi makes an excellent trick dog and loves to jump and climb, making performance sports fun for this breed. The Kromfohrlander can easily live to 17 or 18 years and are excellent with children. However, the Kromi is usually a one person dog and quickly becomes very attached to their owner, making it difficult to re-home adult Kromfohrlanders.

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Kromfohrlander Dog Name Considerations

After bringing home your new Kromfohrlander home, you will need to start searching for a name for your new puppy. The Kromfohrlander originated in Germany and there are some rather interesting, cool names that have German roots that may be a good fit for your new Kromi puppy. It should not be stressful to find a name for your new Kromfohrlander, therefore, before deciding on your new puppy’s name, take the time to get to know their personality. Many times your puppy will help you find the right name for them simply by the way they approach life. 

When you are looking for a name for your new Kromfohrlander puppy, do not choose a name that sounds similar to any other name within your neighborhood. This includes names of people and pets. You do not want your new puppy to be confused because they are hearing their name being called down the street. Make sure you are also not picking a name that has a similar sound to commands you will be using to train your Kromi puppy. Have the entire family help find a name for the new puppy by making a list of names. Be sure to encourage them to pick unique names as well as traditional names to choose from. 

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