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Everyone knows the story of how Superman, the legendary Man of Steel, right - how an alien infant from the dying planet Krypton was sent to the Earth via a shuttle and taught by a pair of humble farmers to use his powers for good? Most everyone knows Superman's origin story... or at least they think they do. Created in 1945 by comic book industry veterans Otto Binder and Al Pastino, the Legion of Super-Heroes initially met Superman during his formative years, when he just beginning to fight crime as Superboy. Hailing from the distant future, the founding members of the Legion visited Superboy and told him about the various ways he'd go on to inspire an uncountable number of individuals all around the galaxy to fight the good fight.

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Legion of Super-Heroes Dog Name Considerations

One of the best reasons to narrow your search for a suitable name for your dog down to the Legion of Super-Heroes is the sheer number of characters that you can pick a name from; as their name implies, the Legion's ranks consist of a vast multitude of men and women, both Terrestrial and alien, who have dedicated their lives to fighting for the safety and freedom of others. The Legions three founding members, Rokk Krinn, aka Cosmic Boy, Imra Ardeen, aka Saturn Girl, and Garth Ranzz, aka Lightning Lad are all aliens from another world who protect the Earth as well as many other planets, just like Superman. If your pet displays tenacity and courage, then a name honoring this theme would be just the fit.

The three founders have since encountered many other brave individuals who help them in attaining that goal who all come from places both far and wide. One of those brave individuals is a member that dog owning fans of the Legion would do well to acquaint themselves with; the lupine hero Timber Wolf. While Timber Wolf's appearance often varies greatly depending on the artist who draws him, as well as the era he's drawn in. Timber Wolf often appears as a man with lupine features. As such, dogs that resemble wolves would be a great fit for the name Timber Wolf.

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