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One of the greatest stereotypes today is the idea that lawyers are great liars. Jim Carey takes this stereotype to heart as he portrays Fletcher Reede, an up-and-coming attorney. Fletcher lies to his son Max regarding reasons that he did not attend the boy's birthday party. Max, in turn, uses his birthday wish to say that he hopes his father can no longer lie. The next day, Fletcher cannot lie nor can he withhold truthful answers as he works through his cases. In fact, Fletcher can't control his mouth at all. In essence, Fletcher learns a lesson in what is really important in life - his family.

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Liar Liar Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Fletcher Reede is an attorney who is quite self-centered. He does not care for anyone other than himself and his climb to prosperity. Reede is promised that if he wins his current case, he will be made a partner in the firm. Very adept at telling untruths, Reede is well on his way to winning the case and the partnership. 

Because Fletcher has no care for anyone other than himself, he has no pets. Unfortunately, Fletcher barely cares for his own flesh and blood in Max, so it is not surprising that Fletcher has no dogs. 

Although there are no dogs included in the cast of Liar Liar, we can find some dogs that would be appropriately named with a moniker inspired by the film. First, the movie was filmed in California. Knowing this, we can look at the most popular dogs in California and choose a few breeds that might sport a Liar Liar - inspired name. First, the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever are favorite dogs in California. The German Shepherd is another popular dog in this state, as is the Beagle. All of these breeds are well-suited to a name inspired by this comedy. 

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