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Luxor is an upper southern Egyptian city that has a population of over 500,000 people. It’s the capital of Luxor Governorate and covers a little over 160 square miles. Luxor is the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Waset, which makes it a cultural and history-rich area that draws people to the city in their thousands.

If you had a memorable experience visiting or living in Luxor, then it makes sense to start looking for Luxor dog names. You get to relive a little of your experiences every time you call your dog to you. Fortunately, you are not short of options either. Read on to find out more about Luxor and related dog names. 

Luxor Dog Names in Pop Culture

Luxor Dog Name Considerations

Trying to come up with the perfect Luxor dog name for your newly adopted family member can be quite tricky. Not only does the name have to sound right, but it has to suit their personality, gender, and breed. It also mustn’t be culturally or historically insensitive, leading to problems when you introduce your new dog to people or your vet clinic.

The first thing to think about is their gender. If you are going to name your pooch after someone from Luxor, then pay attention to the person from where the name originates. A name like George, for example, is a male name. However, you can get away with female variations of it such as Georgie, Georgina, and Georgia.

Your dog’s breed can even play a part in Luxor dog names you find. For example, if you have an Egyptian kind such as a Pharaoh Hound, Mexican Hairless Dog, or a Peruvian Inca Orchid, the most Egyptian name you can find is going to suit your dog well.

The meaning of the name partnered with your dog’s personality is another thing to consider. For example, you could head down the Arabic route with a name like Akalb. Akalb means ‘dog’ in Egyptian, helping it to relate to Luxor. If your pooch is quite excitable, then Marah is a lovely option, and means ‘fun’ in Arabic. As you can see, the sky’s the limit for how many Luxor and Egyptian name options there are out there. 

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Community Dogs With Luxor Names

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