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The Manchester Terrier is a total terrier! They are very happy and active dogs that are also exceedingly loyal to their family. These fun-loving dogs need a name that embodies their happiness as well as their fidelity. Finding such a name may seem a little daunting; however, there are plenty of names that pay homage to the Manchester Terrier’s ancestry as well as their personality. When deciding on a name for your new Manchester Terrier puppy, take your time and involve the entire family in the decision. Terrier names can be fun, descriptive or even a little off the wall, just like terriers themselves! 

Manchester Terrier Dog Names in Pop Culture

Manchester Terrier Dog Name Considerations

While some people do not give much thought to the name they give their pet, there are many more people that take the time to come up with a name that will honor their new pet or remind them of a place or time in their life. Terriers have a tendency to name themselves with their larger than life attitude and fun loving antics. Your Manchester Terrier is no exception! Once they become comfortable in your home, watch out! Their true colors will come through and you will see a personality that rivals that of the most mischievous child.  There are thousands of names to choose from and even some names that are not common such as Crash or Flash, both being great choices for a tenacious terrier. If you are not fond of naming your new Manchester Terrier a name that amplifies their happy go lucky attitude, you may want to consider a name that pays homage to their origins. Obviously, the Manchester Terrier hails from England and there are plenty of solid English names to choose from that are easy to pronounce and not necessarily over-used. Get the whole family on board when choosing a name for your new puppy; half the fun of naming a new pooch is seeing what names everyone comes up with.

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