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There are a lot of triggers that can spark an idea for your new dog's name. It could be a movie you watch on television, it could be the name of other people's dogs, or it may even be the city that you live in. Melbourne in Australia's beautiful state of Victoria is one such city. Vibrant, bustling, and the home of the famous Melbourne Cup day, where all Australia stands still for that one day in November when quality horses battle for a placing in the race and even dare to dream of winning, while ladies decorate the racing with their elegant outfits and outrageous hats. Names are distinctive in Australia, with Swag, Corella, Wombat, and Galah and all have that authentic Aussie sound. Digger, Sheila and Dingo also make great dog names. So, when you are hunting for a new name worthy of your dog, it can be fun to look further afield from home to get a unique and outstanding name for your mate.

Melbourne Dog Names in Pop Culture

Melbourne Dog Name Considerations

When looking for dog names, think outside the box and try to look in some areas you may not have considered. Australia, including Melbourne, can offer such ideas. When naming your dog you don't need to stick to the ordinary - think restaurants, landscape, the performing arts and wildlife. Melbourne names can also be inspired when one thinks of bodies of water like the Yarra River, sports, festivals, and landmarks. 

Your new canine addition, depending on the breed or color, can suit a Melbourne name well. How about his coat? Is he furry and reminds you of Australian wildlife? Is he cuddly looking like a koala? Are his eyes blue like the wide open sky? Is his energy boundless? These things can all be considered when thinking of a Melbourne name for your dog.

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