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There is no doubt that everyone is influenced to some degree by the trends of the moment. Popular names come and go but there is nothing wrong with snagging one to call your new pooch. Why not be trendy and edgy when choosing a moniker for your four-legged fur buddy? It will make your dog stand out at the dog park. In many ways, the popularity of the name is bestowed on the bearer, so if you want your pooch to be a superstar, then pick an awesome name.

Most Popular Dog Names in Pop Culture

Most Popular Dog Name Considerations

Nowadays, popular names are contemporary and, typically, unique. However, generations ago names tended to be very common. People did not want the moniker to stand out and garner unwanted attention. It was believed that a name should fit in so that the bearer fit the stereotype. Perhaps this was a form of conformity and control that was typical of the time frame. Nonetheless, it had a definite effect on what names were popular and what names were not. 

Today, with so many celebrities having babies and buying pets, the names have taken on a whole new facade. It appears that everyone wants their name to be one-of-kind or something different from the rest. Researchers often believe that this is a cultural shift towards more freedom of expression. The evolution appears to have started during the 1960s when the rebellion in the young population was common and has continued onward through each successive generation. 

Many people believe that a name actually attaches certain characteristics to the bearer. Popular names often have one key element and that is they are usually easy to read and pronounce. It is rare to for a moniker to escalate in popularity if the general public cannot pronounce it. This is one of the key reasons why names from other countries are not very popular with the general population. 

When considering a name for your beloved dog you should look at popular human names but also names that are common for other dogs. With the emergence of the internet, many dogs have risen in popularity and become household names. Those celebrity pooches all boast names that are becoming very popular in today's social media-driven world. Whatever name you choose should fit your puppy and make you happy when you use it. The name needs to roll off your tongue and be easy to use.  

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