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Dogs are a lot like people. Some of them either appear nerdy from a physical standpoint or they act in such a fashion. If your pooch is a true nerd then there is nothing wrong with picking a moniker to denote their funny characteristics. Afterall, nerds rule and stand out from the pack with their undeniable charm and unique sense of style. So pick a dork handle to call your furry buddy and rejoice in their cute sense of style.

Nerdy Dog Names in Pop Culture

Nerdy Dog Name Considerations

When considering naming your canine bud a nerdy name you should take into consideration the history of the unusual term. The first use of the word 'nerd' was coined by none other than Dr. Seusss in his book, 'If I Ran the Zoo.' The children's book released in 1950. In the story, the narrator Gerald McGrew says that he is going to collect for his zoo, "a Nerkle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker too." In 1951, after the book's publication, Newsweek used the word to denote a square or a drip.  By the 1960s, the unusual word had caught on and was bantered nationwide. Soon it was being used to refer to a person who was bookish and socially inept. Interestingly, alternate spellings also started to spring up in the fashion of 'nurd' and 'gnurd.' 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) all started to use the word, 'nerd.' The 1970s sitcom, Happy Days incorporated the word into many episodes which made it even more popular in mainstream America. 

A stereotype developed to the word, 'nerd.' Nerdy people are typically thought of as smart, successful, with a poor sense of style, and socially unpopular. They are often the target of bullies because they are different and stand out from the crowd.  The 1984 motion picture, Revenge of the Nerds, further pushed the nerd's appearance and characteristics. 

Nowadays, just about everyone knows what the word 'nerd' means and they mentally picture a person who has a nerdy nature. Naming your dog after a classic nerd or some other form of a nerdy name is a great day to depict that your pooch is smart and different than other dogs. Modern society now embraces nerds for their intellect and their lovable natures. This sense of affection is no different than what you feel for your furry best friend. 

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