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"I suppose everybody must always be a little homesick," wrote Joseph Conrad in his 1904 novel Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard. As the quote suggests, the story is primarily about characters who are dealing with massive changes to their homeland - the fictional region of Costaguana. Through Nostromo, Conrad discusses and dissects pivotal themes and concepts; through his characters and the scenarios that he places them in, Conrad asks if a person can really ever go home again? And if they can't, can they create a new home in a new world that they don't entirely understand? Nostromo is a thinking person's book, known for its deep characters and intricate themes.

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Nostromo Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Nostromo is one of those great pieces of literature that's been referenced in countless other stories; If you've ever heard the name Nostromo before, chances are you heard it in the film Alien as it was the name of the ship that Ripley was stationed on. The characters featured in the story are among some of the most beloved in literature - having served as the inspiration behind a myriad of other literary heroes and villains. It's all a byproduct of Joseph Conrad's immaculate writing style; for those who don't know, Conrad has produced other famous books likes Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent. 

Speaking of Conrad's other books, another reason you might want to consider giving your dog a Nostromo inspired name would be if you're a big literature buff. Joseph Conrad rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest writers of the 18th century; Conrad was respected by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald - the man who infamously wrote The Great Gatsby as both as a scathing critique and well-informed ode to the bourgeoisie.  Despite taking place in a fictional land, Nostromo serves as both a critique of third world dictatorships and an ode to the indigenous countrymen and countrywomen who truly make up the populace. 

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