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If you like magic, you would probably love the movie, “Now You See Me.” This popular 2013 action film is filled with illusions and excitement. It is also full of excellent stars such as Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, and Woody Harrelson. The movie follows an FBI agent who follows the magicians, trying to catch them in the act of robbing banks and large corporations. However, the public is not about to help them because the group doesn’t keep the money, they give it to the audience. And the companies they rob are typically seen as the bad guys. This positively fun movie won the Saturn Awards for Best Thriller and Best Music, and the Favorite Thriller Movie Award at the People’s Choice Awards. 

Now You See Me Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Now You See Me Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Preparing for a new fur buddy is not difficult, but you do need to make sure you and your canine kid have everything you are going to need. Your poochie is going to need a nice, comfy doggy bed to sleep in, a bunch of fun dog toys, a leash, and collar for taking walks, tasty treats and kibble, crunchy bones, a good veterinarian, and also a name that fits. Finding the perfect moniker for your forever friend is not too hard if you spend some time with them to see what kind of personality they have. They may even have a cute habit or quirk that will help you find their title.

If you like the movie, “Now You See Me,” you may want to give your canine kid a name that pertains to one of the characters or the actors who play them. For example, Ruffalo would be a cute dog name after the actor who played Dylan Rhodes, Mark Ruffalo or Atlas, after the main star, J. Daniel (Danny) Atlas. You could also choose a name that has to do with magic like Abracadabra, Merlin, or Wizard. Some other cute ideas are Mystic or the Spanish word for Mystic, which is Mistico. Here are some of our favorites. 

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Community Dogs With Now You See Me Inspired Names

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