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Person of Interest is a crime-science fiction television series created by Jonathan Nolan. It premiered on CBS on September 22, 2011 and concluded its final season on June 21, 2016 after airing 103 episodes. The series is focused on a rich but mysterious programmer named Harold Finch, who is the creator of a supercomputer known as “The Machine”. Through different information, the Machine is able to foresee terrorist acts and identify the people involved. Finch discovers that the Machine is also able to predict premeditated crimes that are ignored and deemed “irrelevant” by the government. Thus, he recruits the help of former CIA agent John Reese in order to act on the information he gathers from the device. 

Person of Interest Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Person of Interest Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Taking on the task of being a furparent is both an exciting and daunting prospect. On one hand, you will have your own adorable dog to bring joy into your daily life. On the other hand, you will instantly be responsible for another living creature and provide their needs. One of the “basics” of becoming a dog owner is coming up with a name. Yes, it might seem like a no-brainer but naming your pooch actually requires a lot of brainstorming.

Most of the time, dog owners like to grab some inspiration from their favorite pop culture references, such as television shows. Furparents who love the show Person of Interest may find some name ideas stemming from the series. A good example is the characters that were introduced in the show, both major and minor. The most memorable ones include John Reese, a former CIA agent who helps solve future crimes, and Harold Finch, a billionaire programmer who invented a supercomputer that helps detect these crimes. You may even name your dog after the show’s most famous canine character: a Belgian Malinois named Bear, who serves as Finch’s companion. Another idea would be to name your pooch after the actors and actresses who depicted these roles. 

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