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Portal is an extraordinarily challenging puzzle game that was developed by the Valve Corporation and released back in 2007. The game was a part of The Orange Box collection, which also featured Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life Two: Episode Two. Players control a young woman named Chell and must help her escape from the defunct and decaying Aperture Science research facility. Nearly devoid of all human life, an unstable artificial intelligence named GLaDOS currently runs the Aperture Science research facility in her creator's stead. Players will have to help Chell complete GLaDOS' twisted experiments using a gun that can create inter-spatial portals. After mastering the game's mechanics, the player will have to face off against GLaDOS in a bid to liberate Chell. Portal became immensely popular, earning a direct sequel that came out in 2011.

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Portal Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Portal became a huge hit back in 2007 for its challenging gameplay as well as its wry and witty comedy. GLaDOS may be a psychopath, but she's also one of the funniest, snarkiest sociopaths in fiction! The team who created Portal purposely made Chell a silent protagonist so that players would be able to appreciate every one of GLaDOS' quips and quotes to the fullest extent. Ellen McLain does a superb job voicing over GLaDOS, giving a performance that's both terrifying and charming. Portal's worth playing solely for the experience of hearing GLaDOS deride and insult you every time you fail a puzzle or make a mistake. It's not uncommon for folks to watch other people play Portal on YouTube or Twitch. If you're a fan of well written dark comedies - a la Fargo or In Bruges - then you should do yourself a massive favor and check out Portal. You won't be disappointed by the game's quality of writing, and you might even dig the series enough to name your dog after one of its characters! We'll list several Portal-inspired names down below for your consideration. Since the Portal games don't feature a vast array of characters, we'll also reference characters from the Valve Corporation's other popular games to spice things up.
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