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The lively and smart Portuguese Sheepdog is very much loyal to the shepherd and herd if they are used for a working dog. From Portugal, and known as the Cão da Serra de Aires, this dog gives companionship, love, and protection to their family. Their ability to watch over livestock is cunning and their notification to the family of any predator or intruder is excellent. The breed is proud of the work they do.

Swift and agile, the Portuguese Sheepdog is of medium size. They have wavy-like hair that is quite dense and can have a longer mustache, beard, and eyebrows. The breed comes in a variety of colors. In native Portugal, they often refer to the Cão da Serra de Aires as “monkey dog” due to their monkey-like appearance in the face.

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Portuguese Sheepdog Name Considerations

Naming your stunning Portuguese Sheepdog can be easy! You may choose to give them a name of Portuguese origin or you may prefer to name them according to their herding and protecting ability. Names like Leader or Packer are actual synonyms for herder, and names like Aasim and Edmon have a meaning of guardian.

You may also choose to gift your new dog a Portuguese name. There are many Portuguese names, as these names are popular all over the world. You may choose a common name, like Irene, for your girl, or a more elaborate native name, like Inacio, for a boy. 

Remember you don't have to name your dog right away. You may wish to spend a few days with your new companion and get to know their personality while studying different possible names. If you have a hard time deciding between two ideal names, you can also give them a middle name as well! You can even choose to give them a first name with a meaning of "guardian" or "herder" and the middle name of Portuguese descent. Luckily, the choices are almost endless, and no matter what you choose, it will be perfect for your new family member!

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