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Julia Roberts made her claim to fame in the iconic movie, Pretty Woman. A tale of a girl who catches the eye of a wealthy businessman, Pretty Woman could, in many ways, be compared to Disney's Lady and the Tramp. Roberts' character is a diamond in the rough. She is uncultured. She has no education. She won't fit in with the wealthy businessman's friends on any level. Yet, the man sees in her what no one else does. Given a chance, Roberts' character proves more trustworthy and lovable than many of the businessman's colleagues, who are more interested in money and social class than true love.

Pretty Woman Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pretty Woman Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are no dogs who have stand-out roles in Pretty Woman; however, the movie has often been compared to Cinderella in many ways. When one considers dogs who have a Cinderella story, rescue dogs and shelter dogs often come to mind. 

Rescue dogs are often given a second chance at life. Many rescue dogs come from puppy mills. Puppy mills often have many dogs in unseemingly conditions, whether it be dirty kennels or mothers who are bred many more times than the recommended amount. Of course, this is not the only way that dogs become rescued. Some are found after being abandoned by their original owners. Regardless of how a dog comes to be a rescue, they are often some of the best dogs. Given just a little love, care, and good food, rescue dogs end up being some of the best pets. Shelter dogs can also be thought of as the same way. Once a dog has been adopted from either the shelter or a rescue, they seem to have a new lease on life. They savor every moment with a new family that treats them like royalty. So, any breed is deserving of a name related to Pretty Woman, but dogs who have received a second chance at life often seem to have the happiest disposition. 

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